North Slope Solutions provides specialized business process management, application configuration, custom application development and business consulting services. Choosing us as your partner means your business priorities become ours. You have a teammate with North Slope.

We first understand your business drivers/requirements, then apply the right skill set, leveraging Oracle and JobTraQ® standard development methodologies and effective testing to intelligently develop your personalized solution.

We don’t just tie together interfaces and hardware platforms; North Slope works diligently to fully flesh out the requirements for existing needs, future uses, and long-term maintenance for your integrated systems. We look for ways to provide cost reductions using automation of your existing investment to save cycles, time, and add efficiencies. We also integrate or migrate systems being merged by acquisitions and provide project management throughout the entire process.

Our Professional and Consulting Services include the following:


Whether we're using Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft, each of our team resources has over 15 years life cycle implementation experience.To provide better value for your consulting investment, our staffing approach is to utilize senior business analysts and technologists. We do not train junior resources on your job.

Our guidance goes well beyond the arena of the application and delivers you insight on change management within your organization(s). While preparing the product is important, empowering the workforce to use it is the long-term value of your ERP.

It takes an experienced team such as ours to ensure your objectives beyond the systems themselves are met.


Some of our staff have been working with Oracle products since the “green screen” days of the 1980s. We have seen and are aware of the many challenges our clients face in moving from one major, or incremental, release to the next.

The true value lies in not just understanding the technological challenges, but in utilization of the new features or delta training required for your users. We assist you in utilizing the upgrade process as a business improvement opportunity.

Considering the amount of internal time, possible re-coding of interfaces, technical dry runs and the general level of effort, system upgrades are a prime opportunity to correct what is not working well, address new/changed business requirements, or add new modules and incorporate them into the upgrade.

We’ll work with you to get realized value – instead of sunk cost – in conducting your ERP upgrade.


In the present climate of business consolidation, acquisitions and mergers are occurring more frequently, creating an impact on personnel, business process and systems. North Slope Solutions can assist you in the impact analysis and ERP side acquisition costs estimates. We are comfortable managing these efforts and are very sensitive to corporate cultural differences, transition planning, change management and risk management.

Utilizing the North Slope team provides you with veteran resources; we have been instrumental during a number of acquisitions. This is one area where experience cannot be replaced by less-expensive or less-experienced resources.

Business Optimization

Although North Slope Solutions is an Oracle partner, we frequently are included in situations where we need to be system agnostic. As most of our resources are business analysts first and technologists second, we can provide our customers with a healthy and unbiased perspective.

We review the end-to-end processes, looking for bottlenecks, manual processes hiding within an automated area, and unnecessary steps being performed merely as habit, as well as many other issues.

Then we map out those areas and offer options for improvement using process change, aids and the most up-to-date software solutions available (without requiring additional software, if possible.) Once we have optimized the process itself, we frequently find that we can use your existing software investments to implement it.